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Doggie-BagsŪ is your easy and convenient solution to help people clean up behind their dogs. Doggie-BagsŪ are environmentally friendly plastic bags, stored in an easy-to-maintain dispenser and posted at locations wherever dog owners walk and take their dogs.

Use Doggie-BagsŪ at parks and recreation areas, schoolyards and playgrounds, condos and apartments, campgrounds and ski areas, dog groomers and vet clinics or wherever people walk their dogs.

Our Doggie-BagsŪ Dispensers are made from heavy-duty, rust resistant, galvanized steel and capable of holding up to 1000 Doggie-BagsŪ. Start using Doggie-BagsŪ today to pick up your dog's poop.

Outdoor Mounted Unit
Standard Doggie-Bag Dispenser
Standup Unit
Dispenser with Trash Receptacle Unit
Home Dispenser
200 bags

Klene-up korner
Everything you need


It is very simple to use
1. Simply pull a bag from the patented dispenser
2. Use the bag when needed (view picture to the right)
3. Dispose of the bag in a trash receptacle

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  • Doggie-BagsŪ Dispenser
    with 500 bags
  • Doggie-BagsŪ Dispenser
    with 500 bags and Trash Receptacle Unit
  • The Home Dispenser with 200 bags
    SHOWN ------------->
  • The Klene Up Korner with
    Everything you need
  • Ear Clear Bowls
    Keep dogs ears clean and neat
  • The Home Dispenser refills
    200 bags per case
  • Doggie-BagsŪ Refills
    1000 bags per case
  • Doggie-BagsŪ T-shirts

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